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Best Wholesale Clothing Suppliers

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Are you looking into selling wholesale clothing but don’t where to start? Or have you been wondering where your competitors get their amazing products from (and how they get them so cheap!)? Read on to find out how to find the very best clothing wholesalers on the web!

What to look for in a wholesale clothing supplier:

A wide range of products: A supplier who caters for everyone from babies to fashionistas won’t just offer you convenience; they will offer you more opportunities to sell to a wider audience.

A taste for what’s hot:

Fashion moves very quickly with some fads only lasting a few months (remember those awful scarves with skulls on them? Thank God they only lasted a few weeks!), but during those few months, fads can be highly profitable. Therefore you need a supplier who can quickly sniff out the new trends and source them from the manufacturers to bring them to you.

Quality products:

Before you place any big orders, get a few samples to take a look at. Suppliers are more than happy to do this – some even expect it. Take a close look at the quality (wear them around and wash them, if you can, you’ll get a great idea of how they will wear). Order a few different items like shirts, jeans and coats to really get an idea of their quality standards. Better quality clothing will mean more repeat customers so make sure you spend some time doing this.

Exceptional customer service:

When things go wrong, like shipments going astray, or orders are incorrect, the last thing you want is an irresponsive supplier who doesn’t return your calls. Before you place an order with your new supplier, make sure you do a little test by emailing or calling them with a few questions. See how helpful they are, how thoroughly they answer your questions and if emailing, how quickly they respond.

How to find the best suppliers for wholesale clothes:

So where will you find suppliers who offer all of the above, I hear you ask? Well, the best suppliers aren’t always easy to find but with some time and persistence, you can definitely get there! Unfortunately, it’s not really an option to email your competitors and ask them where they source their items from, but with some patience and persistence, you too can find great suppliers who will help to propel you to PowerSeller status before you can say “bootleg jeans”!

Performing a Google search is a great start, but remember that the best sellers aren’t always on the first page of search results. Also keep in mind that when you search for suppliers on Google or any other search engine, you make yourself vulnerable to con artists out there who will take your money and run off into cyber space, never to be heard from again.
To really ensure that you get the best possible suppliers, use a reputable online supplier directory, such as www.salehoo.com Be wary of small lesser-known directories, as there are actually only a few reputable ones.

To find local suppliers, trade fairs or shows are a great way to find out about the latest products and to meet suppliers face to face. Or for a simple option which you can do from home, simply pull out your Yellow Pages and look for manufacturers, suppliers or wholesalers near you.

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